Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“The Journey” The 3rd Annual Altered Book Art Project

In 2006 the Library and the Palm Springs Art Museum joined together to create this unique book/art program. This is the third year for the program and each year artists are invited to participate to create an original work of art from discarded library materials. Participating artists come to a ‘Book Grab’ in the fall where they select their books, videos, DVDs and CDs from a selection weeded out of the Library’s collection. Over the course of several months they create one-of-a-kind art works.

The exhibit was unveiled at the Library and will be on display until Saturday, May 9th. All the pieces will then be auctioned off via an online auction during the last ten days of the exhibit to equally benefit both the Library and the Palm Springs Art Museum.  

A Page from the Book of Life

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