Friday, June 5, 2009

The Amazing World of Claymation- Oregon Historical Society

One of Oregon's favorite sons is having an exhibit of his works and history at Oregon Historical Society. This looks like an interesting and fun exhibit about Will Vinton. 

Featuring Will Vinton's animation art collection, this exhibit illustrates the historic and ground-breaking evolution of Claymation. Don't miss this fascinating journey into the artistry that goes into creating animated films. Born in McMinnville, Will Vinton has won virtually every film and television award given to a filmmaker.

See Vinton's personal animation art collection – including drawings, paintings, clay and cast sculptures, videos and storyboards! This one-of-a-kind show celebrates the artistry involved with creating award-winning Claymation films. Learn what goes into making some of the world's best-known animated characters, including the Domino's Pizza "Noid," the famous California Raisins, and Eddie Murphy’s "Thurgood Stubbs," from the television show, "The PJ's."

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