Monday, June 22, 2009

Richard Nixon's Presidential Library releases more tapes

Presidential history buffs alert: The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum has announced Nixonmanualplans to release an additional 154 hours of tapes that the nation's 37th president secretly made of his own meetings and conversations. This marks the fifth release of Nixon tapes, according to Ken Hughes of the presidential recordings program atUniversity of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs. Hughes says the recordings should be available online almost immediately, but he'll also be transcribing some of the juicier bits on his wonderfully named blog, Fatal Politics.

The tapes being released tomorrow were made during the first two months of 1973. Our friends at the Miller Center provide some historical context:

During this time, Nixon forced South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu to accept a settlement with North Vietnam that both men recognized would lead to a Communist military victory. Nixon needed the settlement to conceal the failure of his "Vietnamization and negotiation" strategy to achieve the goal of a South Vietnam that could defend and go Read On vern itself.

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