Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Eisenhower Library exhibit rich in history

ABILENE, Kansas – A new exhibit opened Friday at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene. It’s called Gem on the Plains and looks at the town of Abilene during Eisenhower’s youth.

"This was the original church,” said Abilene resident Don Feller.

Feller points out the old picture of his church. He’s been a member there for 40 years, but never had the chance to see what it once looked like until now.

"Our church steeple was blown off before we arrived in town, but we'd always heard about it,” he said.

Feller, along with 100 other Abilene residents, was the first to see Gem on the Plains -- an exhibit full of old pictures, toys and clothes, illustrating Eisenhower’s days in Abilene.

 “We're proud of our history, we preserve our history, and we want to share it with other people,” said resident Judy Burgess. “That's what we're doing with this exhibit. We're sharing it with people who've never been here before, and those that have lived here their lifetime."

Gem on the Plains is part of Ike's Abilene -- a signature program at the Eisenhower Library that spotlights Ike's childhood years in Kansas that led him down the path to leadership.

The older generation says it’s their duty to keep President Eisenhower’s accomplishments alive and share them with today’s youth.

"These people that do great things, come from very common backgrounds,” Burgess said. “We all need to appreciate that and learn about it."

Gem on the Plains will be on exhibit through February 21, 2010.

From: http://www.ksn.com/content/news/bureaus/story/New-Eisenhower-Library-exhibit-rich-in-history/TSZ5dQoFekC8FEhLK80UKA.cspx

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